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At every age range, from pre-school to university, attracting new students is essential. The quality and condition of your facilities are an indicator of the quality that a student can expect at your faculty.

With new families attracted to the West Country all the time, both the private and public sector schools have to work hard to compete. Provide an attractive school and it's a strong driver to relocate to that immediate area, plus which, many of the schools in south west boast class leading facilities including spacious buildings, well equipped gyms and sustainable architecture.

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The South West of England attracts under-graduates and post-graduates from all over the world, many of whom are attracted by the quality of facilities, accommodation and grounds, as well as the excellent academic standards.

With more prospective students worldwide researching their chosen university online, it is important to ensure that the best facilities are shown using a web based medium that immerses them in the location. As the virtual reality tour becomes an expected online feature, you need to ensure that your university is represented to the highest standard.