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There are a range of options available to you to personalise your virtual reality images. Here are a few of them:


There are various options available too that will allow you to personalise your virtual reality images, both to prevent unauthorised use and to extend your company branding; you are not required to have a devonvr logo at all. Here are some of your options (click on an image to see the full virtual reality image, then look down to see the treatments):

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Tours can also be provided as either a Quicktime VR file or a Flash file. These can be provided on a CD, or by email or direct download. If you don't have much webspace yourself, then devonvr can host the files for you so your site simply links to them.

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Photographic Stills

One of the necessary products of creating virtual tours is to start with a large composite image. These can make superb artwork in their own right as the left hand side of the image meets the right.

This image was created for The Duchy of Cornwall, a Victoria Inns pub in Plymouth (click here for directions). The original file is over 55mb in size and can be printed at full photographic resolution (300dpi) to create an image 5', or 150cm wide. This particular image was printed on stretched canvas at this size and can be seen on the wall of the Duchy of Cornwall. You can click here to open a larger version of this image.

These can also be manipulated to create "Small Planet" images:

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File and Image Sizes

Files vary in size depending on how much detail you want in them. For speed of loading, they can be as little as 200kb, but can easily extend to several megabytes for high detail tours. The full screen option is not recommended for smaller files but is very effective for larger tours.

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