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Estate Agents

With house sales still depressed, any competitive edge is valuable. Getting a feel for a property without without ever leaving the comfort of their office or home can be a real benefit, especially for prospective buyers from elsewhere in the UK or beyond.

Lots of estate agents offer virtual tours but so often these have been prepared "on the fly" or using low quality photographic equipment. It is rare that they do any justice to the property at all, and they lack the detail that allows you to check the carpets or floors, and also the ceiling, lighting fixtures or skylights.

Is it worth doing every room in the house? Probably not. Why? Because you still want your purchasers to visit the house itself. The key is to choose one or two of the most impressive rooms, or the garden, and use that to promote interest.

To see a property where every room has been virtually captured then click here to look at this example prepared by Tom Hurley in North Carolina (carolinavr is the US extension of devonvr).

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Consider the following options:


Flats and House Rents and Lettings

How can you get prospective tennants interested in your flat or house before they even arrive in the area? It's easy - you simply ensure that you have a high quality virtual reality tour that clearly demonstrates why your property is what they are looking for. You never need to leave your office or send expensive and slow printed particulars - all you do is point them to your website and ensure that your listing in any publications states that you have virtual tours available online.

Holiday Lets and Timeshare

The south west of England is a superb vacation venue. From the coasts to the moors, there is scenery to suit all tastes.

If you have a holiday let in any of these locations, you need to ensure that you or your lettings agent maintains a strong web presence. An essential element of this must be a virtual reality tour supported by some high quality still images as neccessary.

A virtual tour can show the following items:

Example of a view

Without a virtual tour, you could be losing customers who want to book with confidence, knowing in advance what they can expect from your property. With a virtual tour, your property is worth more per week.