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Live Performance Venues

As a live performance venue, be it a theatre, arts centre, club or bar, you are seeking two separate entities: performers and audience.

Performers, especially those from some distance away, will want to know that they are appearing at a high quality venue.

Audience, again perhaps from far away, will appreciate knowing that a venue offers good sight lines, high quality seating, and so on.

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Virtual Tech Specs

You may choose to prepare an online tech spec for touring acts, allowing technicians to see the nature of the space, including the positions of the lighting bars, PA, etc. This can easily be placed on a private page on your website so the general public can't easily access it.

Multi-purpose venues can also capture their performance space in a range of configurations, for example seated or standing, live music or theatre.

Invite Your Audience On To Your Set

Complex theatre sets capture the imagination. Record a set as an interactive image and it can be used for advance publicity, or as a retrospective record of past shows.